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In recent years, etiquette has stepped into the spotlight.  From etiquette experts featured on talk shows
to Reality T.V., society is beginning to recognize the need for civility in society.  When I first began
teaching etiquette 20 years ago, we taught on the basics like dining, image and basic manners, but
today...this ain't your mama's etiquette.

If one wants to succeed, they must learn the nuances surrounding expanding areas of etiquette that did
not exist 20 years ago; nonetheless, mastering these new areas of decorum will help propel you both
professionally and personally.

Today people are always in transit.  Moving from country to country and place to place.  With that said,
one never even has to leave the safe borders of America to have need of International Etiquette.  One
only needs to go to the corner store, or call customer service to realize "International Etiquette" has
come to them.  Because we all have different beliefs, customs and religions, it is wise not to assume
anything and research everything to learn how to operate on a global stage.

No matter how many times people are told to be careful about what they post on social media, the truth
is, countless continue full steam ahead posting distasteful photos and comments.  Learning the rules of
social media can keep you from loosing your job, or worse going to jail!

Expedia recently conducted a survey of travelers to find out what vacationers feel their number one pet
peeve is about traveling and they couldn't narrow it down to one, so they had to write an entire report.  
What they found is that while traveling people are rude and impatient.  From the cab driver to the
person standing in front without their boarding pass ready, they all agree packing your patience is one
key element to enjoying your trip.

With the rise of b logs, UTube Channels and Live on Facebook, everyone is a "public figure."  Well
kinda.  What I'm saying is if you are online in any form or fashion, you could be considered living in the
"public eye."  When one is in entertainment, they learn the rules of behavior for public figures.  The
UTube celebrity, not so much.  Even if you give an aspiring word on Snapchat, it would be wise to make
sure to avoid a Public Relations nightmare.  

This is perhaps the most important tip because it could be the difference between life and death.  
Obeying the commands of an officer is critical, even if you feel he is picking on you.  Make sure you
make no sudden movements, or put your hands in your pocket.  Unfortunately, in this day and age,
officers who once protected and served are now shooting young people in the street.  Don't let the next
victim be you.
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