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Dining Etiquette 101

Learn to set an informal and formal
table setting

Learn about basic dining utensils

Learn basic table manners

Learn to identify dining terms
Dining Etiquette 102

Learn basic dining mistakes

Learn to identify fine dining foods

Learn about dinner courses

Learn proper behavior during dinner
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Image Etiquette

Learn the components of image

Learn to identify your personal style

Learn about color analysis

Learn to dress for your body type
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Etiquette Workshop Descriptions
Business Etiquette Basics

Learn basic business rules

Learn proper introductions and

Learn about business attire

Learn business how to avoid business
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Urban Etiquette Initiative
The UrbanGirlz Etiquette Initiative is a nationwide initiative, which works
to empower the urban community through etiquette.

The etiquette workshops which target children are specifically designed to
teach them the tools they will need to be successful.  Children from 7 and
up enjoy age appropriate activities, assignments, and instruction that will
prepare them for their future.

If you are a school, church, organization or individual, the UrbanGirlz
Etiquette Workshops can empower the people whom you serve.

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UrbanGirlz Etiquette Workshops
National Association of
Urban Etiquette Professionals
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