Empowering urban males
who we are
UrbanGentz is a uniquely designed urban male empowerment program which works to equip young
men with the social, personal and professional skills needed to be successful.

Founded in 2008 as the male counterpart to UrbanGirlz, Inc.,
UrbanGentz impacts young men
throughout the country through etiquette training, and community impact programs which bring
together young men and professional urban males who share their expertise.
UrbanGentz Young Men's  Leadership Academy
UrbanGentz Symposium
UrbanGentz Etiquette Workshops
The UrbanGentz Young Men's Leadership Academy is a three    
month life-skills program designed for urban males 13 - 19 years old.  
Classes include:
etiquette, physical training, professional
development, anger management and life-skills application

If you have a son or nephew who could benefit from strong Christian
male leadership, sign up for an upcoming Academy in your area.
The UrbanGentz Symposium is a one day symposium designed for
young men to learn about issues uniquely impacting the urban male
community.  Professionals from different backgrounds, education, life
experience and expertise share with young men during this empowering

For more information about the
UrbanGentz Urban Male Symposium,
contact ddaniel@urbangirlz.org or call 1.800.291.6492

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UrbanGentz empowers the urban male
population through three core community impact
efforts, which include: the
UrbanGentz Urban
Male Leadership Academy, Urban
Etiquette Workshops and the Urban

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Welcome to UrbanGentz
The UrbanGentz Etiquette Workshop is a 2 hour presentation which
builds the self-esteem of urban boyz and teenz through teaching them
life-long social etiquette skills. From teaching young men basic social
etiquette skills, to advanced social practices, young men will be
confident in any type of social setting. This life impacting workshop can
be conducted at churches, schools, faith-based and community-based
organizations.  Sign up and empower your urban gentz today.

Darron Daniel is the
driving force behind the
urban male community
impact initiative.

A speaker and powerful
brother, Darron presents
"the real," of being young,
black and male.  Click in to
schedule Darron Daniel for
your upcoming event.
About the UrbanGentz
National Coordinator
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UrbanGentz Male Leadership
Facilitator's Certification

Are you fulfilling your purpose?
Are you a male 22 years and older who has a
desire to impact the lives of young men?  
Consider getting Certified to become an
UrbanGentz Certified Facilitator and begin
impacting young men in your local area.

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"They," say, I'm an
endangered species...tied
down by the scars of the
past and doubtful about my  

I'm doing something about
what "they," say.  Are you?

To Partner with UrbanGentz
Contact Darron Daniel at
or call 800.291.6492
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what we do
The tragedy is not the community deteriorating, the
tragedy is watching and not doing anything about it.
The Gentlemen by Design Young Men's Beautillion Course is a
faith-based rite of passage course designed to develop young men
spiritually, personally and socially.  The Course is the male
counterpart to the
Ladies by Design Junior Debutante Course and
it seeks to help young men successfully transition from boyhood to
manhood.  Click on the cover to order or find out more.
Gentlemen by Design Young Men's
Beautillion Course