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Junior Debutante Program Teaches Young
Women Critical Business and Social Skills
Participating in the Junior Debutante Course taught me how to become a   
young lady and gave me the skills I needed to be confident in all situations.
Junior Debutantes Learn its More Than a
Pretty Dress
At first, the girls at Praise Family Fellowship Worship Center didn't know what to expect when
they decided to participate in their church's Junior Debutante program.  They looked forward
to wearing the white dress, but it soon became apparent that this was more than just about
dressing up for one night.

Learning to become a young woman meant learning social skills, how to maintain relationships
and how to present yourself properly and much more.  As the classes progressed and the big
day grew near, young women began to gain self confidence, make better grades and improve
their attitudes.

Check out the video to view real life change.
Junior Debutante
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Current Ladies By Design Sites
Certified Coordinators
Lady Sonya Ball - North Texas Regional Director,
NAUEP CEI (LBD Certified)

Lady Ocielia Gibson - Ladies by Design Facilitator,
NAUEP CEI (Certified)

Christina Hunter - Dallas, Texas (Certified)

Terri Nauls - Houston, Texas (Certified)

Dr. Asare - Detroit, Michigan (Certified)

Kimberely Davidson - Virgina Beach, Virgina (Certified)

NeShaun Jones - SMU Program Director (Certified)

Malaka Caraway -North Carolina (Certified)

Lady Tracy Washington - Louisiana (Certified)

Bongai Mhoyli - Pennsylvania (Certified)

Candie Thompson - Washington, D.C. (Certified)

Shameron Bostic - Indianapolis, Indiana

Rahseeda Jones - Orlando, FL.

Comeneshi Broudreaux - Lousiana

Junior Debutante Facilitators
Deutonia Slack - Indianapolis, Indiana
Audrey Harrigan - Franklin, New Jersey
Martin Nota - Netherlands
Amina Davis - Chicago, IL
Carolyn  Pickney - North Charleston, SC
Carolyn Comier - Orange, TX
Crystal Swain - Bahamas
Mabatemije Otubu - Newark, NJ
Seletta McClinton - Shreveport, LA

For more information about a local site contact
Regional Director - Sonya Ball at

Do you have the desire to impact the life
of an urban girl or teen?  Get Certified to
become a Junior Debutante Area
Coordinator and implement your own
Junior Debutante Course.

Click here to learn what steps you must
take to realize your vision, and impact the
lives of
young women.
The Ladies by Design Junior Debutante Course is a spiritually based program designed to
empower young women with self-esteem, elegance and promise.  Since 2008, the program has
expanded to include more than 15 coordinators world wide to more than 50 local instructors.

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