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lbd teen leadership course
Welcome to the official page for the Ladies By Design Teen
Leadership  Course.  The TLC Leadership Course is designed  to build
leadership in teens 13 - 18 tears old.  Filled with eight weeks of
instruction highlighting leadership, professionalism and community

Congratulations on your impact!
Curriculum overview  
The Ladies By Design Teen Leadership Coure Instructor's Manual includes eight power-packed sessions
specifically designed to instill leadership, community and professionalism in young women 13 - 18 years

The Instructor's Manual is a comprehensive guide for individuals, groups, churches and
organizations seeking to begin their own leadership course in their local areas.  The Teen Leadership
Course is community-based and can be easily adapted to any setting.

The Curriculum Contains:
•Eight comprehensive sessions including leadership, money management, etiquette and community

•Step-by-step instruction to beginning or maintaining your Teen Leadership Course.

•Marketing materials and handouts to assist you in getting the word out about your
Teen Leadership Course

•Handouts and appendix for additional tools to engage participants.

•Complete instruction on fund raising, recruiting girls and hosting a graduation event.

Some benefits only available for those who are certified TLC Directors.

Product Details
Pages:  200 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
TLC Instructor's Manual
TLC Student Manual
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TLC Instructor's Manual - $100.00

TLC Student Manual - $25.00
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TLC Graduation Highlights
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