Hospitality and Social Club for Girls 7 - 11 years old

Transforming Little Girls into Little Ladies

1.  How much does it cost to become a Certified Coordinator?
  $350.00 (Electronic Instructor's Manual) - Community Coordinator

2.  What does my certification include?
 Coordinators are trained online and receive additional support throughout the planning and implementation process.

3.  How do I register?
  Click here to get started.

4.  What does a Hospitality and Social Club mean?
 The Little Ladies Club focuses on the social and personal development of little girls.  The Social aspect of the club is
 dedicated to exposing girls to various social environments such as, art galleries, plays, museums, etc. to help them learn
 to feel comfortable in new surroundings.  The Hospitality component of the club focuses on training little girls in all
 aspects of etiquette.

5.  How long does the Little Ladies Clubs last?
  Clubs run yearly.  Girls can participate monthly until they turn 12 years old at which time they would be enrolled into the
  Junior Debutante Course.

6.  What do Coordinators teach weekly?  
  Coordinators are provided access to the Little Ladies teaching modules that provide instruction on conducting
  classes weekly or monthly.

7.  How much does it costs for the girls to participate?
  Fees range from $50.00 to $500.00 for participants yearly.

8.   Are there fund raisers available?

9.  Do girls have to complete the Ladies By Design Little Ladies Pre-Debutante Course to participate in the Little
  Ladies Club?
  No.  Girls can start with the Little Ladies Club and when a class is available, they then can go through the Little Ladies
  Pre-Debutante Course.

10. Do I have to be a nonprofit?
  No.  Individuals often are the people who coordinate the clubs nationwide.  If you want to fund raise or ask for
  donations, you could partner with a local nonprofit to make the ask.  If you want to write grants, etc. you will need to
  become a nonprofit organization.    
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