Welcome to the NAUEP
Individual Certification Program
The NAUEP Individual Certification Program is designed for
individuals seeking to be certified in one area of etiquette
instruction.  The Individual programs offer targeted
etiquette techniques, practices and instruction for
instructors not wanting to teach all etiquette classes.  

The Individual Certification Program is a convenient
alternative for those who desire to be certified and teach
specific etiquette workshops.

Individual Certification Benefits:
- Study at own pace
- Cost effective
- Affiliation to NAUEP

Get the credentials you need and move forward with your
Individual Certification Selections

Dining Etiquette (Part I) - Table Setting - Learn to teach children and            
adults the proper way to set a table setting.  Formal, informal and causal
table settings will be discussed.

Dining Etiquette (Part II) - Behavior - Learn to empower students with           
the in's and out's of being a gracious dinner guest.  Common dining
errors, restaurant anatomy and fine dining foods will be discussed.

Image Etiquette - Teach the public how to make a great "first
impression." The Image Etiquette Certification covers the three
components of image, deals with color and color analysis and much more.

Business Etiquette - Standing out in a crowded business field is never          
easy. Teach interns, business owners and individuals the proper way to
conduct themselves while conducting business.

Public Speaking Etiquette - To become a great public speaker takes            
knowing great presentation skills.  Teach youth to present themselves              
before small and large audiences, proper attire and how to prepare.

Young Men's Beautillion Course - Do you have a desire to impact         
young men?  The UrbanGentz Beautillion Certification will prepare you to
impact young men in your church and community.  Through this
comprehensive 200 page manual and online training, men will be able to
move forward with their desire to start their all male program.

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Dining Etiquette Part I  - $100.00

Dining Etiquette Part II - $100.00

Image Etiquette - $200.00

Business Etiquette - $150.00

Public Speaking Etiquette  - $100.00

Young Men's Beautilllion Course    
- $350.00       

Please discuss your background in the
field of etiquette or youth programming
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