Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Etiquette Professional.
The following survey will help you determine your commitment level and expectations for your
new etiquette business.
1.  How many hours weekly do you have to dedicate to running your
etiquette business?

Between 8 -10 hours weekly

Between 10 - 20 hours weekly

Between 20 - 40 hours weekly
2.  How many years of experience do you have working with youth?

Between 0 - 2 years

Between 5 - 10 years

Between 20 - 40 hours weekly
3.  How many years of experience do you have in etiquette instruction?

Between 0 -2 years

Between 2 - 5 years

Between 5 -1 0 years

10 Years or more
4.  Why do you want to become a Certified Etiquette Instructor?

To earn money

To work with youth

To strengthen your etiquette skills

All the above

5.  Which age group do you desire to work with?

7 -10 years old

11 -15 years old

16 - 19 years old

20 years old

All Ages

6.  Rate how much support you have from your family, friends, etc.

10 and above

8 and above

5 and above

No support

7.  How much do you hope to earn from becoming an Certified Etiquette

200 - 800 monthly

800 - 1,500 monthly

1500 - 2500 monthly

2500 - 4000 monthly

8.  Where would you like to conduct your classes?



Community Organizations

All of the above

9.  Which additional trainings are you interested in receiving?

Communications Etiquette

Dating Etiquette

Relationship Etiquette

Public Speaking Etiquette

All of the Above

10.  Why did you select NAUEP for your etiquette certification?

Emphasis on urban youth

Someone recommended UrbanGirlz


Online Certification Choice

11.  Of the following selections, which facets of business do you hope to

Marketing/Public Relations

Community Building

Booking Classes

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