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Dating Etiquette Workshop
Please select from the following workshops:
Dining Etiquette Part I - Table Setting Basics

Dining Etiquette Part II - Behavior during dinner

Image Etiquette - Discovering your own personal style

Dating Etiquette (15 and up) - Proper behavior during a date

Public Speaking Etiquette - Keys to delivering an effective speech

Introductions and Greetings - Basics of business etiquette

Dance Etiquette - Dance protocol will be discussed

Business Etiquette (15 and up) - Youth will learn how to carry
themselves and excel in a business environment.

Event Planning - Students will learn to plan an event

Domestic vs. International Protocol - International and Domestic rules
of protocol will be examined

Communication Skills - Students will explore nonverbal and verbal
communication skills, online communication protocol and telephone and cell
phone etiquette.
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